What you can expect working for Medx

Flexible working

Built around you

Varied work

No day is the same

Personal workstation

Supplied, delivered and paid for

24 hour support

Round the clock help

Designated body

Medx supports your professional career

GMC specialist register

Keep your place on the list


Feedback and revalidation

Flexible working hours

Working with the team at Medx, we provide you the flexibility and independence to enjoy working your preferred hours through the week, weekends, and evenings. Our reporter care team liaise with you individually, enabling you to choose to work much as you wish and your sub-speciality if you prefer.

Our radiologists can work for Medx full time, part time or casual hours, from as little as 4 hours a week. Giving you the freedom to build your own unique home reporting practice, where you decide when and how long you work for.

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Work-life balance – there’s no place like home, anywhere in the world

Home is where the heart is, and in our case, where you can work from, anywhere in the world.

Whether it is full time, or you spend time abroad throughout the year. Our reporters can work flexibly around their other life commitments, with expert support available at any time.

All you need, is a stable and secure high speed broadband connection, and we will set you up with the rest. If you move house, we are with you to assist with the new set up.

The demand for our services from hospitals and radiology providers around the world.

Our community

The benefit of working for Medx is that you will be part of the wider Medica and Integral Diagnostic community, with peers in all parts of the world, with a huge variety sub-specialist skills and education.

Professional development

Medx enables our radiologists’ access to the wider reporting community and with it the benefits of the Medx Academy.

To help your individual practice, the Medx team will audit your reporting and invite you to Quality Assurance Meetings, awarding CPD points to you. Our reporter care team can also help with appraisals and GMC revalidation if required.

Interesting and varied case loads

Medx currently supports and reports for many hospitals and UK NHS trusts, assisting them with emergency and elective radiology. This brings with it a wealth of variety and subsequent ongoing experience.

The importance and need of our services are reflected every day in the demand for our services from hospitals and radiology providers around the world.

We support you

At Medx we are dedicated to ensuring that radiologists are where they need to be – reporting and provide the utmost in customer and patient care. To do this, we offer all our team 24/7 support, from a real person – simply and quickly on the other end of a phone line.

Revalidation and Appraisal support

At Medx we have access to a dedicated team to provide radiologists with assistance and advice to navigate the accreditation processes.

For GMC and AHPRA this enables you to keep you place on the register.

You are our greatest asset, let us look after you

Medx has a unique and rewarding remuneration model, designed to ensure quality reporting. Our dedicated support team and IT infrastructure ensure that our radiologists have the ideal environment to report as confidently, accurately, and efficiently as possible.

For radiologists looking for a working holiday there is the opportunity to report in the UK or Australia.

Patient care – this is why we do what we do

Combining two of the leading radiology providers Integral Diagnostics and Medica, Medx provides a much-needed radiology service to both private and public medical facilities throughout the world. 365 days and nights a year. Our combined radiologists enable healthcare professionals to ensure the correct course of treatment quickly, ensuring optimal health outcomes for all patients.

Interested in working for us?

We offer a wide range of exciting career opportunities, together with great benefits, flexibility, and a supportive and caring working environment.