Our radiologists are the foundation of our service. Become part of our trusted global radiology network.

Medx proudly has access to over 500 world class sub-specialist consultant radiologists from all over the world. Our doctors all have a passion and understanding for radiology and a deep understanding of the advantages of remote reporting. The peer support system provided by the Medx clinical team ensures that distance doesn’t prohibit collaboration, support, friendship and continual clinical education.

Medx Radiology offers you a job to suit your lifestyle, one of which is not compromised by work.

“Medx offers an expansive, unique global service. As an experienced, sub-specialist radiologist, I believe that offering the ability to utilize radiologist skills all over the world, for the betterment of continual patient care, is truly remarkable...”

Our aim at Medx is to provide a global teleradiology company with a vision to continually deliver the best possible patient outcomes whilst providing a supportive, collaborative, and collegiate working environment for all our reporting radiologists and support staff.

We have a strong commitment to support for our reporting Radiologist individual needs, whilst always ensuring high-quality reporting and exceptional clinical governance is always delivered.

Being a part of our 800 strong radiologist network provides access to a variety of work, access to global thought leadership as well as opportunities for career development through sub specialisation, training, accreditation and mentoring opportunities, all with the support of two of the largest radiology and teleradiology providers in the world.

teleradiology reporting

Reporting for Medx means you create your own work model. Supporting in-patients and out-patients doesn’t have to come at the cost of you or your family.

We will work collaboratively together to create a healthy work life balance. Our reporters work when it suits them, where it suits them, a lot or a little. The choice is yours and our support makes it happen.

We ensure they are well supported through infrastructure, process and clinical governance to enable the highest quality and accuracy in reporting.

Work from home

radiology reporting from home

No more stuck on traffic or the public transport commute.  The solution is simple – work from the comfort of your own home.

Medx provide all radiologists with complete easy to set up compliant reporting workstations to not only ensure patient data is always secured under the Medx network, but also to ensure our radiologists are operating from the best technology to provide superior service delivery

We’ll work with you to decide which of your subspecialities you’d like to focus on – because we want happy reporters doing work they enjoy.

All you need, is a stable and secure high speed broadband connection, and we’ll do the rest. If you move house, we’ll come with you, setting it all up again at your new place.

Work from anywhere in the world

radiology reporting anywhere in the world

Wherever you are in the world, you’re always close with the team at Medx.

Our clients and patients are situated all around the world and we’re looking for more Radiologists whose time zones offer us the ability to support with Emergency Elective and Overflow relief across all hours, providing a true round the clock solution.

Our plug and play technology enable Radiologists to work all around the world, with hardware, software, and support to ensure the most optimal reporting conditions, wherever in the world they are.

The benefits of working for Medx

Built around you and your family
Very generous per case and bonus remuneration model

Providing endless opportunities for growth and development

Although situated all over the world, the peer support system provided by the Medx clinical leadership team ensures that distance doesn’t prohibit collaboration, support, friendship, and continual clinical education

Emergency and acute complex cases, routine and overflow reporting

Access to prior reports and images

Always learning
The ability to work anywhere in the world
Support with local country credentialing
Support with FRCR GMC and FRANZCR pathways

Supplied, delivered, and paid for by Medx

Very generous per case and bonus remuneration model

Come work with us

As a leading global network of radiologists, Medx Radiology offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities, together with great benefits, flexibility, and a supportive and caring working environment.

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