Specialist services

Utilizing our breadth of international knowledge and across over 500 radiologists, Medx can provide all the benefits of elective reporting with the provision of sub-specialist radiologists, including within some highly specialised areas.


Reporting of CT coronary artery calcium scoring, angiography and TAVI, for the assessment of structural heart disease and congenital heart disease, using Terarecon software for image viewing.

Cardiac radiology

CT Colonography

Reporting of symptomatic CT Colonography examinations (CTC) based upon recognised standards and using Terarecon software.

CT colonography

PET CT & Nuclear medicine

Reporting of PET CT, Lung ventilation and perfusion, renal, bone, thyroid, octreotide and brain perfusion scans using Mirada software and working under the delegation of the local ARSAC licence holder.

nuclear radiology

CT Cone beam

Undertaking reporting for Maxiliofacial and dental referrals from both NHS hospitals and smaller dental practices.

teleradiology reporting australia

Access to additional sub-specialist radiologists

Highest quality reporting: each patient, every time

Easing the workload burden on local radiology teams

Highest quality reporting: each patient, every time

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Medx Radiology provides client centric teleradiology around the world. For more information on reporting for your facility please contact:

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