Our audit process

Clinical audit of reporting is based upon a continuous fixed percentage sample of each reporter’s output. The analysis of discrepancies, both from the rolling audit and cases reported by the referring hospitals, are reviewed by trained and experienced auditors.

Unique in-house system

We use a secure and unique, in-house, system for assessing discrepancies. The focus is on a set of criteria: observation, interpretation, communication and risk of harm to patients. The data output from the review informs quality improvement.

Experienced clinical oversight

Our clinical leadership has many years of experience in identifying and understanding patterns of discrepancy. The data is taken in conjunction with full case review context. This leads to quality improvement through communication with reporters in a reflective, developmental environment.

Tailored feedback

Feedback to reporters is a key step in the process. This is delivered by the clinical leadership. In addition, each reporter is provided with a tailored monthly feedback report that enables rapid review of audit results on both a monthly and annual trend basis.

External audits

Our principles are developed from Medica’s in-house system for reporters to assist external providers in evaluating their reporters. This is the ‘external client audit system’ for which Medica has developed a second unique management system to support the process.

Our services

Our experience and size ensure we are a dependable partner for emergency, routine and overflow reporting requirements, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.



Our NightHawk service is specifically designed to deliver superior diagnostic support to the acute care environment as quickly as possible.

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Elective & overflow

A valuable extension to your in-house radiology department providing fast, safe, reporting and feedback.

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Managed services

We are well equipped to work in partnership with government, hospital networks and private radiology to establish bespoke, high quality Managed Services centres.

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cardiac radiology

Specialist services

Medx has a substantial global cohort of reporting radiologists, living through out many different countries with a range of international and local credentials. A vast majority of them have sub-specialist qualifications and experience, ensuring that Medx can provide the best possible specialist reporting for each individual patient.

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Contact us

Medx Radiology provides client centric teleradiology around the world. For more information on reporting for your facility please contact:

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