AI in our teleradiology reporting

We have integrated proven and evolving AI systems and algorithms into our reporting workflows to ensure optimal patient triaging and preliminary reporting.

Our radiologists have near real time alerts for
• Intracranial haemorrhage
• Pneumothorax
• Acute C-spine fractures
• Large vessel occlusions
• Brain aneurysm
• Pulmonary embolism
• Incidental PE
• Rib fractures
• Intra-abdominal free gas

Our pathways

Acute stroke for thrombolysis
• Primary report within 15 minutes
• Secondary report within 30 minutes
• Detailed end to end service configuration process.

Major Trauma
• Primary report within 15 minutes
• Secondary report within 60 minutes
• Detailed end to end service configuration process.

60 Minute
• Acute abdomen
• Other acute CT, MR
• NG tube CXR

AI in radiology

MedX utilises Medica's AI workflow.

IT reliability

We understand how important time to report is to our clients and their patients, but simultaneously requiring superior security and data integrity.

With many years of experience with hospital and private radiology integrations, our team have sourced and created one of the most advanced radiology IT infrastructures available. Our solution is not only flexible to suit the  individual needs of our clients but has a premium uptime, together with 24/7/365 support.


At Medx, we ensure the security of all patients and their data by encrypting all transmissions securely, through state-of-the-art security systems and processes. 

Through our advanced technology, we ensure data, and its integrity is retained within our clients own secure environment, whilst presenting the entire clinical history to the Medx radiologist. 

The radiologist can make the most appropriate diagnosis, using all past reports and images, with the data always contained within the secure host location. 

Advanced technology

Our combined global IT teams connect a seamless network of sites and radiologists all over the world, sharing imaging in minutes and providing reports for fast and effective patient management.

Our use of AI continuously drives optimal patient triaging and assisted diagnosis. We are continually investing in technology, systems, and education to ensure the  challenges of global reporting are met.

Our IT expertise

Our technical team are made up of dedicated application specialists, who work with our clients to ensure a seamless set up through a secure and reliable bi-directional data feed, with bespoke ongoing technical support to ensure optimal uptimes. 

teleradiology security
teleradiology it system


Our solution reduces the workload requirements on in-house staff by directly integrating with their RIS/PACS systems. 

We actively project manage the implementation, in conjunction with the in-house IT and PACS teams, to ensure the transition to Medx and our radiologists is as quick and seamless as possible. We encourage, through training options, the local staff to fully understand the system and workflow pathways, therefore together we always provide expedited accurate reporting back into the clinical areas.

Advanced teleradiology viewing and reporting capabilities

Medx also uses the most current technology in enterprise worklists and voice recognition applications to continually ensure efficiency, accuracy, and sub-specialist allocation. 

Both systems are backed by superior HL7 hub technology to allow for flexible integrations. The Medx staff have extensive expertise with HL7 and DICOM to meet all our client’s needs. 

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