What you can expect from us...

Reduced turnaround times

Improved clinical accuracy

Assurance read

Prioritisation based on clinical urgency

Reduce cost

Improved data quality

Clinical focus

At Medx we always employ a best practice approach to the recruitment, and credentialing of reporters. Our radiologists are well supported with the latest technology and education, ensuring evidence-based practice is always at the forefront. They are always provided with relevant clinical information and all relevant patient history.

We are and will continue to be a clinically led organisation, creating one of the first, clinically lead global team across the world.

Our high calibre radiologist group continuously ensures the service we provide remains at the cutting edge of clinical best practice so we can deliver the best possible outcomes.

Clinically relevant turn around times

Fast, accurate reporting when time is critical.

With our “around the clock” philosophy and with the assistance of the latest in Artificial Intelligence triaging our NightHawk service for urgent after-hours reporting ensures rapid report delivery and subsequent optimal patient care.

Our NightHawk exams are typically reported in under 30 mins, and 50% in under 15 minutes.

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Trusted Partnership approach

Our goal for all our customers is to be seen as the trusted partner. We work collaboratively to understand our customers’ , providing bespoke services to ensure that each unique partner have their needs and the needs of their patients always met. We pride ourselves on collaboration and two-way communication, always ensuring that we are fulfilling all the requirements of the partnership.

Dedication to Quality

Our commitment to quality is one of our fundamental pillars. Not only do we employ some of the best radiologists in the world, but we support them with ongoing education, peer reviews and a rigorous auditing program.

Full service offering

With the ability to draw on two of the largest private radiology providers in the world – Medica and Integral Diagnostics, our team can provide a comprehensive range of reporting to suit all our customers and patient needs.

Engaging the most advanced technology

Our IT team connect a seamless network across the world to all our reporting radiologists, sharing imaging in minutes and providing reports for fast and effective patient management.

Our implementation of Augmented Intelligence for CT Brain provides faster detection of intracranial haemorrhage within our acute workflow, improving and expediting medical diagnosis.

Our services

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NightHawk 24/7

Providing all your Acute Care imaging needs


Elective & Overflow

A valuable extension to your in-house radiology department


Managed Services

Combining our diagnostic expertise of Integral Diagnostics, Medica Ireland and Medica UK


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Medx Radiology provides client centric teleradiology around the world. For more information on reporting for your facility please contact: