Providing all your Acute Care imaging needs

Our NightHawk services are specifically designed to deliver superior diagnostic support to the Acute care environment as quickly as possible. Our reporting is provided by a team of credentialled radiologists across the world provide reporting during peak times, in under 30 minutes, with dedicated pathways for Stroke and Major Trauma.

Faster diagnosis and subsequent optimising patient care

Critical finds are communicated within minutes

Our credentialled radiologists are reporting in their daytime hours ensuring accuracy

Our team is accessible for consultation

Highest quality reporting: each patient, every time

Less workplace stress for local radiology and clinical teams


Plain x-rays

CT scans

MRI scans

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Medx Radiology provides client centric teleradiology around the world. For more information on reporting for your facility please contact:

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A valuable extension to your in-house radiology department


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Combining our diagnostic expertise of Integral Diagnostics, Medica Ireland and Medica UK