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Always ensuring the best possible patient care, we are a leading provider of medical imaging tele-reporting services across the world.

Combining our radiology expertise, we constantly strive to create a healthier world, consistent in our patient-first approach and supportive radiologist focused environment.
We believe that radiology plays an integral role in optimal patient outcomes, and our partnerships across the world ensure that we deliver for every patient, every day.

Our core values are what define us and our commitment to live and work by them are what make us truly unique.

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Combining two of the world’s largest providers of radiology reporting, Medx has access to extensive cohort of sub-specialist radiologists worldwide. Our experience and size ensure we are a dependable partner for emergency, routine and overflow reporting requirements, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure a bespoke solution for them and their practice.

Our 24-hour ability capitalizes on the international time zones providing timely radiology reporting, all day, every day.

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A valuable extension to your in-house radiology department


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“Medx offers an expansive, unique global service. As an experienced, sub-specialist radiologist, I believe that offering the ability to utilize radiologist skills all over the world, for the betterment of continual patient care, is truly

Teleradiology has seen incredible advancements in the past few years and Medx as an international provider has ensured that clinical quality assurance is always at the forefront.

My colleagues and I have the opportunity to work and report collaboratively within a safe, accurate and technologically advanced system, that suits the clients we work with.”
Consultant Radiologist

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Experienced, credentialed radiologists

Detailed clinical quality assurance processes

24/7/365 sub-specialty reporting

Seamless IT integration

Established & unparalleled AI capabilities

Valued, patient centric business partnership ethos

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As a leading global network of radiologists, Medx Radiology offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities, together with great benefits, flexibility, and a supportive and caring working environment.

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