We believe that our services play an integral role in optimal patient outcomes and reducing waiting lists; and our partnerships across the world ensure that we deliver for every patient, every day.

We are well equipped to work in partnership with government, hospital networks and private radiology to establish bespoke, high quality Managed Services centres.  Allowing patients to access critical diagnostic services locally, supporting early diagnosis, but at the same time reducing the burden on the hospitals and staff. 

What we offer:

Radiology reporting - NightHawk and Elective services

Fully managed radiology department

Comprehensive managed services

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Partnering with Medx

Our expertise


patient exams annually


consultant radiologists


radiology technical support staff



NHS hospitals


HSE hospitals


ANZ hospitals



clinics in ANZ


clinics in IRE


different combinations of PACS, RIS, PAS and EPR integrations

We have comprehensive and extensive experience in hub and spoke model service delivery 

Our expertise

Significant expertise in maximising quality, productivity, use of resources and patient experience within diagnostic services.

Connected with over 100 NHS and 16 Australian and New Zealand hospitals

Connected with 800+ consultant radiologists worldwide

Integrated across over 20 different combinations of PACS, RIS, PAS and EPR

Comprehensive and extensive experience in hub and spoke model service delivery

Currently connecting and delivering clinical radiology and tele-radiology services across multiple centres and geographic locations, using the latest technology, AI and infrastructure

Access to a worldwide resource pool

Our unparalleled strength

  • A bespoke digitally connected, end to end diagnostic capacity across single or multiple locations, utilizing the latest in AI technology and infrastructure
  • Provide all patients with an assessable, coordinated set of diagnostic tests, in as few visits as possible. 
  • Enabling an accurate and fast diagnosis on a range of a clinical pathways.
  • Extensive hub and spoke clinic expertise with full greenfields services in less than 12 months
  • Access to a local and global workforce with local credentials and stringent ongoing auditing

Features and benefits

Full partnership approach

  • Total project managed collaboration with stakeholders to identify appropriate site and throughout build/implementation to ensure appropriateness
  • Confidence in reports appreciating full patient context
  • Tailored integration to local health economy
  • Local IT integration for seamless report delivery
  • Management of building specification and build
  • Coordination with subcontractors over wider diagnostic services operating within the managed service

Project management throughout implementation and delivery process

  • Collaboration to identify appropriate sites and throughout build/implementation
  • Management of clinic specification and build
  • Coordination with subcontractors over wider diagnostic services operating within the clinic

Global credentialled and audited radiologist reporting team

  • KPI always maintained 
  • Superior turn around times 
  • Large workforce not dependent on local labor force 
  • Assurances and trust of delivery of quality reporting 

Procuring and management of staff utilising global pipeline

  • Training and supply a reliable pipeline of high-quality, well-trained global to overcome staffing pressures already present within the local healthcare sector 

High quality, best in class clinical governance

  • Confidence in quality of service

Fully managed image reporting service

  • Patients receive rapid diagnosis and appropriate care 
  • Comprehensive management of protocols, vetting and capacity 
  • Provision of dedicated coordination and administration resources and workforce 

Comprehensive, high quality diagnostic facilities with scalability of DI services and immediate implementation

  • Facilities to be up and running quickly to provide patients with a convenient and optimal experience 

Provision of patient services including: MRI, CT, PET, Ultrasound and X-Ray, with options to increase modality offerings as required

  • Patients have access locally to high quality images services with a range of modalities, including high end CT and MRI

Provision of other managed diagnostic services via our other partners

  • The ability to scale up and provide services at a local level

Provision/maintenance of capital equipment

  • Swift, constant provision of service that isn’t delayed by instrumentation downtime

Implementation of the latest digital technology

  • Seamless integration with the EMR, RIS and PACS systems

Implementation of the latest AI technology

  • Patient triaging for improved accuracy and TAT
  • Clinical finding alert systems to ensure optimal patient care
  • Quality and safety reassured

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Medx Radiology provides client centric teleradiology around the world. For more information on reporting for your facility please contact:

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