Combining two of the world’s largest providers of radiology reporting, Medx has access to extensive cohort of sub-specialist radiologists worldwide.

Our experience and size ensure we are a dependable partner for emergency, routine and overflow reporting requirements, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure a bespoke solution for them and their practice.

Our 24 hour ability capitalizes on the international time zones providing timely radiology reporting, all day, every day.

Our core values are what define us and our commitment to live and work by them are what make us truly unique.

Our culture

At Medx we believe that our people are our most valuable resource. We understand that providing the best work-life balance, without compromising personal and professional growth is key to a conductive work environment, a superior quality service and subsequently the best possible patient care.

Our mission

Our mission is to lead the way in delivering collaborative and responsive radiology solutions that put patient outcomes first in everything that we do.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the leading global network of radiologists. Through our clinical governance, our patients, clients, medical and support teams trust us to deliver the best radiology service available worldwide. The trusted partner.

This vision underpins all we do now and is the framework for everyday of the future.

Our core values

Patients first

Patients are at the centre of everything that we do.

Medical leadership and collaboration

We attract the best people to work with us and we invest in their training and development to ensure optimal outcomes with evidenced based pathways for patients.

Everyone counts

We treat everyone with honesty, respect, and inclusion. One team always working with each other, for each other.

Embrace innovation

Together we adapt and implement new solutions to improve outcomes for our patients, our clients, and our people.

Continual delivery of excellence

We strive to deliver a service that always adds value and exceeds expectations.

Meet the team

At Medx we understand that it is our people who make up our business.

Marc O’Brien

Chief Information Officer - Medica

Tania Armstrong

General Manager - Medx

Dr Ian Kadish

Managing Director and CEO - Integral Diagnostics and Medx

Dr Robert Lavis

Group Medical Director - Medica Group

Sarah Burns

Managing Director - Medica and Medx

Craig White

Chief Financial Officer - Integral Diagnostics

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As a leading global network of radiologists, Medx Radiology offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities, together with great benefits, flexibility, and a supportive and caring working environment.

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